Do you have questions about Corsodyl products or what causes gum disease? Check out our frequently asked questions below.


  • What is gingivitis?

    Gingivitis is a reversible form of gum disease. Gingivitis occurs when gums become irritated by plaque bacteria that builds up around, on and in between teeth. It can cause swollen, red and bleeding gums, it may also lead to halitosis and receding gums.

  • What causes gum disease (gingivitis)?

    One of the main causes of gum disease is the plaque bacteria that builds up around, on and in between your teeth. If it is not removed by regular brushing and flossing it can irritate your gums, causing them to become red and swollen, and they may bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. This stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. If these early signs of gum disease are not treated, then it can eventually progress to the more serious form of gum disease, periodontitis, which is irreversible and can lead to tooth loss.

  • What are the symptoms of gum disease?

    Symptoms of gum disease (gingivitis) can include red, swollen gums, bad breath and bleeding gums when you brush or floss.

  • How can I prevent gum disease (gingivitis)?

    You can help to prevent gingivitis caused by the build-up of plaque bacteria by adopting a good oral health routine. Brush your teeth twice daily using Corsodyl Complete Protection toothpaste which is 4x more effective* than a regular toothpaste at targeting the cause of bleeding gums. Floss to remove plaque from hard to reach areas between teeth. Regularly visit your dentist as a professional may spot the signs of gum disease before you experience any symptoms.


    *With twice daily brushing. Contact for verification.

  • Is gum disease a common problem?

    Yes, gum disease affects 50% of adults worldwide.

  • Can brushing too hard cause bleeding gums?

    Healthy gums don't bleed. Bleeding gums is most often caused by the build up of plaque on the teeth. You should always check with your dentist or hygenist for advice.



  • What are the benefits of the Corsodyl Toothbrush?

    The Corsodyl Complete Protection Toothbrush has 8 benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. It helps to remove plaque, cleans along the gum line, it’s gentle on gums and enamel, it has a compact head for hard to reach areas, offers interdental cleaning, helps restore natural whiteness.* There is a soft tongue cleaner on the back of the head and features an ergonomic handle.


    *With twice daily brushing.


  • What is Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash?

    Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash is specially formulated to help protect against gum problems when used with twice daily brushing. The clinically proven formula helps remove plaque and prevent further build-up, to help keep your gums healthy. It contains fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities, and helps reduce bacteria that can cause bad breath. Use twice daily alongside Corsodyl Complete Protection Toothpaste.

  • How do I use Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash?

    Use twice daily. Rinse with 10 ml for one minute then spit out. Do not swallow and do not rinse with water. Do not drink from the bottle. Do not use if plastic wrap is missing or not intact.

  • Can I use Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash after brushing with Corsodyl Toothpaste?

    To get the benefits of Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash it should be used twice daily alongside Corsodyl Toothpaste.

  • Does Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash contain alcohol?

    No, Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash does not feature alcohol.

  • Does Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash stain?

    Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash may cause staining of the teeth and the tongue. This can be removed by twice daily brushing with Corsodyl toothpaste, or by your hygienist or dentist. You can avoid staining by not drinking tea, coffee or red wine, particularly within one hour of use.

  • What are the ingredients in Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash?

    Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash contains 250 ppm fluoride to help prevent cavities and low concentration chlorhexidine digluconate to help reduce plaque build up.

  • Do all mouthwashes treat gum disease?

    Not all mouthwashes treat gum disease, some are designed to freshen breath or provide cavity protection. Corsodyl Daily Mouthwash is formulated to help protect against gum problems when used alongside twice daily brushing. It contains low concentration chlorhexidine digluconate to reduce plaque build-up and is clinically proven to help remove plaque bacteria and prevent further build up. It also helps reduce bad breath causing bacteria and contains fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.

    Corsodyl 0.2% Intensive Treatment Mouthwash has a higher level of chlorhexidine and is clinically proven to treat the first stage of gum disease, called gingivitis. Please read the product label and use as directed.

  • Is the use of a mouthwash enough for oral hygiene?

    No. Good oral hygiene is based on twice daily, thorough tooth brushing, plus regular check ups with a dentist and professional cleaning by a dentist or hygienist. Using a daily mouthwash like Corsodyl Daily can help to support this routine, but never replace it.

    If you have persistent, worsening or serious gum problems, such as red, swollen or bleeding gums, these are the symptoms of gum disease. You may need intensive care to help repair the damage and reduce the amount of plaque bacteria in your mouth. Your dentist may recommend that you use Corsodyl intensive treatment as a short term, temporary treatment in addition to your normal oral hygiene routine, to keep your mouth clean and help gums heal.



  • Where can I find parodontax?

    Corsodyl toothpaste (not the mouthwash) is also known and sold under the brand name parodontax in many other countries, such as Germany, Italy, France and Romania. Both Corsodyl toothpastes and parodontax toothpastes contain the ingredient sodium bicarbonate, which has a unique action to break up the sticky plaque on teeth and gums. To find out more, please continue to read on the Corsodyl website. The flavours of toothpastes may vary across different countries. Both the Corsodyl and parodontax brand are owned by the Haleon Consumer Healthcare company. You can purchase Corsodyl in most major retailers and pharmacies across the UK.

Corsodyl 0/2% Mouthwash, Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash, Corsodyl Original Mouthwash, Corsodyl 1% w/w Dental Gel and Corsodyl Spray contain chlorhexidine digluconate. For the treatment and prevention of gingivitis, use post-periodontal surgery and management of mouths ulcers, denture stomatitis and oral thrush. Always read the label.


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