Gum problems can cause more problems like bad breath and sensitive teeth. When plaque bacteria builds up along the gum line, it can lead to bad breath and receding gums which exposes the tooth surface underneath, leaving it unprotected and vulnerable to sensitivity.

parodontax tooth

Corsodyl Gum+ Breath & Sensitivity daily toothpaste is scientifically proven to target gum problems and bad breath, while helping to protect sensitive teeth. Also available in whitening. 

parodontax plaque

Targets plaque bacteria deep between the teeth

parodontax plaque

Creates a protective layer to help protect sensitive teeth

parodontax plaque

Pro-neutra technology neutralises bad breath bacteria

For use as part of your oral health routine for healthy gums and strong teeth, Corsodyl Gum+ Breath & Sensitivity features a great peppermint taste. Brush with this fluoride toothpaste twice daily to help keep gum problems and bad breath at bay, while caring for your sensitive teeth. 

Corsodyl Gum + Breath and Sensitivity Toothpaste